Amy Tush

Amy Tush

I have been a pharmacy technician at RMH for 3 years with Greg Pratt and Team Pharmacy. It’s a unique story in how I found my way to my current role here at the hospital.  I was actually born at Rush Memorial Hospital in 1973 and coincidentally the maternity wing back then is the pharmacy today.  I often reflect on how my life has gone in full circle.  I grew up in downtown Milroy, graduated from RCHS in 1991, graduated Indiana State University in 1995, and coached XC and Track/Field for 15 years at ISU, Butler University, and Northwestern University.  Then I lived in Milan, Indiana for another 15 years until a job opportunity to come back home became available to my husband. The time was right and we actually ended up buying my husband’s childhood home that the family sold 12 years prior.  So, how did I end up at RMH?  My daughter was approached by a man at school.  Of course my kids can’t deny the Tush genes so he knew her. She said he had a “funny” accent when she handed me his number to call him. It just so happened to be Greg Pratt who knew me from my high school and my college days as a runner. I was working at George’s pharmacy at the time, but he needed another tech so it seemed like a perfect fit.

My current job in the pharmacy has made me a better person and coach.  I have learned how to deal with different personalities and how delegation can be more efficient. I have always been a people person but working at RMH has promoted growth to become more callous which allowed me to improve individual focus and enhanced my work productivity.  This has also helped me in my personal life and on the track.  My most favorite part of my job is working the front register.  I get to see most everyone that works at RMH, when they pick up their prescriptions. It is also rewarding for me to investigate reconciliation of the drugs.  It almost always is perfect, but to research the process done correctly is very gratifying.

My pharmacy team at RMH is very hardworking and dependable.  As a technician, I can trust any of the pharmacist to help me.  I am confident that we do everything we can to help our patients and colleagues get what they need from a pharmaceutical standpoint and in the most cost effective way.

RMH has a traditional culture across the facility. I love how the Foundation interacts with the hospital to make fun and exciting events to attend like the Bella and Brian’s Cause. The hospital represents the Rush County community very well. Just in my personal experiences, RMH has donated time, money, and materials to RCHS, where I coach, and Lions Pride Running Club, where I am the director.  RMH does its part in making our community succeed. I love our small town and the personable RMH community.

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